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Luv wine and food invites you to explore the best regional wineries in the country!  If you are looking for unique USA wines, wineries, wine trails, foods and cool wine stuff, you are on the right website!
I have traveled the country visiting winery tasting rooms, judging wine, meeting winery owners and have found much to be proud of.

Regional Wineries

Visiting wineries and vineyards is a wonderful way to relax among friends, enjoy a romantic rendezvous, or discover wines you didn’t know existed.  Since every state has wineries, it’s a great opportunity to explore the uniqueness of the regions and the wines that are produced.  As a wine lover, I have a great passion for supporting the local wine industry where ever I happen to be.  Many states have apps available for smartphones to view and locate wineries

Wine Trails

The wine trail concept is exploding!  From California to Maine there are 251 USA wine trails with 1878 wineries making up these trails in 43 states.   Wine trails are made up of several wineries who work together to promote tourism in their region by offering visitors a taste of the local wine experience.  Each winery has its own distinctive ambiance, spectacular scenery, vineyard views and a variety of wines for the visitor to enjoy.


I love food almost as much as I love wine so I will share some amazing recipes of foods that pair well with wines.  Wineries have great recipes cooking with their wines and recipes for foods they love to serve with their wines.  Life is too short to eat foods that don’t tantalize the taste buds.  I will include weekly wine and food recipes from across the country.

How To

And what wine website would be complete without the “How To” section; how to taste wine, how to serve wine, how to read a wine label, how to throw a wine tasting party and how to pair wine and food.  Don’t worry, it is easy to learn and most of all practice is fun – it’s wine!


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